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July 23, 2012

Chirp App Sends Data Via Birdsong!

Developers from the University College London (UCL), have developed an app that allows users to send data to others via an audio clip of 'birdsong'. Conventionally when sending a picture etc. a URL link would be used but the app is able to decode the sound and find the related material via the cloud integration. Impressive! The two second sound bite has a clear advantage of being able to send this information to multiple devices all at once. In it's relatively premature state at the moment, the possibilities are endless, with links to using the service as a payment method. This brings me to the next point...with the openness of sharing the data at the heart of this app, how would data such as monetary payments that are intended for one person stay that way? My thoughts are a potential encryption method that is used after two devices have been previously paired and thus the user is confident the correct user will receive payment, or once the data is sent the two parties select a mutual pass-code to enter.

This technology seems to be growing rapidly, especially in the market of using your phone to pay for items. As I say this is all pretty new stuff, and definitely seems the way forward in paying for items.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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