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July 22, 2012

Fake VS Genuine Beats By Dr Dre

Ok, so right now there is a huge market for Fake Beats By Dr Dre. The headphones are pretty overpriced and not even that good, but people mostly buy them for the looks. 

Genuine VS Fake
There are many places you can buy fake Beats By Dre so it is hard to say what the quality will be like of the pair you buy.
But depending on where you buy them from, the only real difference will be the build quality. is one of the best places to buy these fakes. They are reliable, safe and fast.
You can message me on YouTube (IrishiPhoneTutorials) or tweet me on @IrishiPhoneTuts and I will gladly send you the links.

How to Tell the Difference 
On a bad pair of fakes, it should be pretty easy to tell the difference, with a bit of knowledge first you will find it easier to tell yourself if you are going to buy a pair of your local classifieds.

 The Left is the GENUINE and the Right is the FAKES.
The very obvious difference is the quality of the print, as you can see on the fakes the print quality is very poor and the cheaped out and used alot of black ink which is a direct indicator of the fakes.
This is the most common and easy way to tell the difference.

Of course some fakes will be on top of this, so you will need to dig deeper to find out if they really are fake.
I have made a video to easily show you how to tell the difference between them on the Studio, Solo HD and Pro models of the headphones.
This should show you easily how to distinguish between them, but if you are still not satisfied I have made a video to sum up everything I have pretty much wrote about in this post.
I hope I helped you guys out and thanks to DJFeelOfficial for letting me post on his blog.


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