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July 24, 2012

Top 3 Sites for Fake Beats By Dre

Top 3 Websites to buy Fake Beats By Dr Dre

So, I've been through ALOT of websites to try and find the best quality and fastest shipping around.
So I've come up with a list of my "Top 3" favorite and most trustworthy sites to buy from.

eForChina is by far the best site to buy fake Beats By Dre from, they offer a HUGE selection of Beats as long as you know how to find them on the site. You MUST sign up to the website to see all the Beats By Dre they have available for sale. They ship out all there good very quickly (most are same / next day) and the quality is pretty good. They also put a white card over their boxes to avoid suspicion from Customs Officers. 

Beats Quality : 8/10
Price : 10/10
Shipping Speed : 8/10
Overall : 8.7 / 10

2. DHGate
DHGate is another one of my most favorite places to buy Beats By Dre. They are trustworthy, very safe to buy from and as long as you use the trusted sellers (which I will put below) you should be all good. DHGate is a site filled with sellers so it is often hard to find the right person to buy from, also if you search for the headphones you will not find any as they have all been kept pretty low profile as the site is being examined by PayPal. The Beats quality is EXCELLENT if you don't mind forking over a bit of extra cash. Best sellers are Airshoo, Girls, Refly and Afra.

Beats Quality : 10/10
Price : 5/10
Shipping Speed : 8/10
Overall : 7.5/10

 3. ManiaCool
ManiaCool is a website that I have used alot in the past but now having discovered many other sites which are better, I have not used it. Don't get me wrong it is a great site but it is not the best. The shipping speed is very fast to Ireland (7 Days) as the company used Hong Kong Free Airmail which is ALOT better than your average Chinese Airmail where you air waiting 3 weeks for items to arrive and half the time they never do.

Beats Quality : 6/10
Price : 7/10
Shipping Speed : 6/10
Overall : 6.5 / 10

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  1. where can I find the link for DHgate???

  2. click the DHgate you mother fucker stupid.

  3. I've got mine here:

  4. You can find them here
    including a review of fake Beats.


  5. is the best as far as quality good shipping medium price

  6. The sound escapes through the back of the headphones, but this makes it sound more natural how to choose headphone