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August 05, 2012

AT&T To Ditch 2G Data By 2017

As we all know the iPhone supports the usage of 2G data, providing access to the internet across the country. I'm sure you share my frustration when the E or O logo appear instead of that trusty 3G one. This comes as no surprise as 2G speeds are in no stretch of the imagination fast.The US has been indulging in 4G speeds on many devices and 4G support coming to the UK later this year, this seems a positive out with the old and in with the new scenario. AT&T state the 2G usage consists of only 12% of wireless data usage and I can imagine why. This will give customers 5 years to swap to a suitable device cabable of handling 3G and 4G speeds, and one can only imaging the technology we will be using in 5 years time.

Bottomline: In my opinion this is a great thing, showing a dedication to customers to focus on the greater technologies out there. By 2017 it is quite possible we will be looking at 3G/4G the way we currently view 2G!

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  1. Ireland is like the stoneage anyway the fastest internet I can get in my area is 4mb