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August 12, 2012

How To Get The Awesome Mac Flurry Screensaver On Windows

So for a long time I have been ultra jealous when I see youtubers with their mac playing the flurry screensaver in the background of videos, so I set out to figure out how to get this on my windows laptop. As I went through the hard work of finding out how, I thought I would post a tutorial for all you windows users that want to spice your computer up with that mac flare.

Step 1: Download the following file:  CLICK ME!
Step 2: In that zip file you will find a file called flurry.scr move this to the following directory: Computer > C > windows
Step 3: If you are using a fast computer then you will be able to right click and install fine using the standard windows screensaver menu. If you are using a slow computer continue to step 4.
Step 4: When using a slower computer like myself complete the following. On windows 7 in the windows folder, click the organize button in the top left, then click layout and make sure menu bar is ticked. Then hit tools at the top > folder options. Hit the view tab and then make sure 'Hide extensions for known file types is UNticked! Navigate back to the windows folder and find the flurry file. Notice this is now called Flurry.scr not just Flurry. Rename the file to Flurry.sCr with a capital c. This will now make the screensaver work!

Any problems, leave a comment below and I will help. Also, below is a video I created to help you out too, enjoy!

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  1. Help please, I did everything you said however the flurry screensaver shows on taskbar when it activates but not my desktop screen. please advise. thanks Joe