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August 30, 2012

IFA Event Round Up - New Windows 8 Samsung Devices!

As you may or may not know, the IFA trade show event took place yesterday, and Samsung revealed many new devices. Included in the new line up from Samsung is a Windows 8 powered smartphone, an Android based camera and also a Windows RT tablet. Additionally, an update to the Samsung Galaxy Note was also announced to what is being called a "Phablet". This is interesting news after the run in with Apple over many of the android based devices and are ruled to pay $1 billion in damages to Apple.

The new line up now includes a new 10.1 inch (a size that has become standard amongst the tablet world) touchscreen tablet and RT version of Windows 8.

Samsung also showed of the Ativ S, it's first smartphone to use Microsoft's mobile operating system. It features a 4.8 inch screen making it one of the biggest in the market.

As previously mentioned the Galaxy Note will get an upgrade to the Note 2 featuring a 5.5 inch screen making it narrower and taller than the predecessor. It also features an air view function that is invoked by holding the stylus about 1cm from the display. This will then trigger on screen items such as he contents of a photo album or an email.

In my opinion I have saved the best till last, the Samsung Galaxy Camera. The camera features 3G/4G and wifi to make it easy to share pictures to social networks.  A pretty awesome feature is that it has the ability to send live images to a smartphone allowing another handset to be used as a viewfinder, a good features if the picture taker wants to be in shot. The Samsung Galaxy Camera gives the ability to have a better lens - better pictures, whilst still allowing users to download apps to customise them they way they want too.

Give us your thoughts on the new products in the comments below!


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