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August 10, 2012

iPhone 5 Rumour Roundup

So it seems that the interwebs has exploded with iPhone 5 (or the new iPhone as it may be called) rumours this past week so I thought I would round all of them up in one place for your one stop shop for all iPhone 5 news. Please note, all the information in this article is purely rumoured and nothing has been confirmed, please don't take this information for fact. Firstly, and arguably most important is the new design, many parts have been leaked to case designers and the guys over at iLab have put together a mock-up of what seems to be the final design, and if you ask me I think that it looks incredible.

It seems that we do in fact have the new design we have been looking for and the back plate in my opinion looks amazing. Something else you may notice from this picture that has been receiving quite a lot of attention is the change of the 30 pin dock connector synonymous with apple, to a more convenient 8pin connector. I like the look of this new connector, but it does make you wonder that all hardware the use the current connection will immediately become redundant.

Next up, we are looking over the rumour that the new iPhone will be 18% thinner than the current 4S. If you look closely at your iPhone 4 or 4S there is a metal band and then white plastic either side, the new iPhone will just be the width of the metal band, significantly thinner. Also in this image you can see that the headphone jack is now located on the bottom of the device much like it's iPod brothers.

The guys over at 9to5mac are reporting that the new iPhone will have the ability to auto scale everything up to it's larger screen. The current generations use a resolution of 960X640 pixels and the new iPhone rumoured to be 1136X640. This indicates that it will in fact be taller but not wider, giving it a 16:9 form factor ideal for watching movies.

Last but not least, the newest rumour to the family is that apple has reinvented the sim card yet again with what's being called the 'nanosim'. The picture here features a size comparison with the current microsim featured in iPhones since the 4 and quite frankly I don't really see the point in this other than space saving within the device. Although the new sim rumoured to be able to hold more data than it's predecessor.

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