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September 14, 2012

Audio-Technica ATH-CKS55i In Ear Headphones Review

So today I received a parcel that arrived unexpectedly quickly. So I ripped through the box and found these beauties sent from Audio-Technica. I must be honest before reviewing these I was a bit sceptical about what the sound quality was actually going to be like. I also couldn't help noticing that they advertised a number of times over the box that they had good punchy bass, and I was eager to put them to the test. So I unboxed them (see video below) and threw these in and put on some heavy bass music to really put them through their paces...and my god! I was blown away by the bass response just from these plugged into my iPhone with no amplifier. I couldn't help but think they had more bass than my recently purchased beats studios (which are much more expensive!) So first things first, they did as advertised and more when it comes to bass, but next I wanted to test how comfortable they felt in your ears, whether they would easily fall out and would they become uncomfortable after a long period. In my opinion they are among the most comfortable in ears that I've used and have a nice snug fit due to the unique design. I also noticed that they don't seem to go into the ear canal as much as some other in ears, and i liked that.

The headset also comes with an in-line remote control that comes in handy but according to the packaging only works with the iPhone 4, however the earphones can be used with any Apple product.

Bottom line: Great for users that listen to bass heavy music. I did notice that some fidelity was lost in the highs and mids due to the bass response but I don't want to penalise Audio-Technica too much for this as they are advertised this way.

My opinion: Great sound, great comfort and handy in-line remote!

Rating: 9/10                          

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  1. How is the microphone on these earphones? The reviewer on the following video says the mic on these is terrible. The person at the other end could hardly hear him. Check out from 7:20 at