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September 17, 2012

iPhone 5 - The UK 4G Nightmare

In the UK, controversy over the nation's 4G network persists, so for everyone that is not aware of the current affairs with 4G in the UK, I wanted to bring your attention to it. To give you a brief outline to what is happening; the UK is set to release the first 4G network courtesy of a company called EE (everything everywhere). This is the company behind two of the nation's leading mobile networks that have recently joined forces (T-Mobile and Orange). The governmental operator of the 4G network is called Ofcom and have granted EE exclusive access to the 1800Mhz bandwidth required to broadcast 4G. At the moment, the UK is in the final stages of turning off the analogue TV signals which is the same bandwidth that 4G will be broadcast on. As you can imagine, other networks such as Vodafone, O2 and Three are furious that EE is the only operator that is allowed to get 4G before mid 2013.

As a consumer I am also very annoyed. Like everyone I wanted to get the new 4G compatible iPhone 5 but I only have a choice of 2 networks that will offer 4G in the near future, both of which are much more expensive that the others. In addition to this, I gave the small print of these networks a read and it seems that a new agreement will have to be signed when 4G is released, so the current iPhone 5 contract wont include 4G data.

In the end I decided to go with a cheaper network and possible get a sim only contract when 4G is released.