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September 22, 2012

Top 5 iPhone 5 News Articles

First piece of iPhone 5 news is that jailbreak developer Chpwn has shown off screenshots of his device jailbroken on launch day. It has been said that chpwn was sitting on some exploits and didn't reveal them till he has the iPhone 5 to work on...very smart move. After much scepticism he posted further screenshots of cydia actually running on his device. There is no time scale to when a full jailbreak is to be released but I think a 1-2 week time-scale is most probable.

The second piece of iPhone 5 news is from the guys at 9to5mac and iFixYouri, whom have conducted some serious drop tests at varying heights up to 6 feet against the Samsung Galaxy S3, and you guessed it, the iPhone came out on top. It appears that the new metal design makes the device much stronger to dropping and only some minor dents and scratches prevailed leaving the iPhone 5's screen shatter-free. The same cannot be said for the S3.

The third piece of news is from the guys at iFixit, and they did a complete disassembly of the earpods when they were released. The good news is, they are reporting that the earpods have a much more water resistant design compared with previous models, as they are "better sealed" against water. This water resistant design can also be seen from the remote as there is no longer an open grille microphone as it is all hidden away, water tight. Also reported by iFixit, is the changed design of the internal cones which are likely to be much more durable then previous generations and thus, less likely to blow out.

Our fourth piece of iPhone related news comes from customers complaining that their iPhone 5s are coming with scuffs and scratches right out of the box. Photographic evidence has surfaced on some blogs, but I must say I am a little sceptical. Personally I have had no issues with this and It wouldn't be surprising for customers to try to find the new 'antennagate'.

Finally, our last piece of iPhone 5 news is that the black anodized aluminium back plate is prone to scratching. If I am perfectly honest I can't say that I am surprised as this kind of material is not going to be as scratch resistant as some of the previous glass backplates on iPhones, and I'm unsure to why someone would want to ruin their phone like this. To me the answer is simple, never use your iPhone without a case or screen protector and you will be covered against such incidences like this.

Thanks for reading guys, below is a video from the DJFeeLOfficial channel giving further opinions on these five news articles:

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