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October 19, 2012

iOS Hacker 'Comex' Leaves Apple

Nicholas Allegra a.k.a Comex has stated via his twitter page that he is no longer working for Apple. For those unaware of who Comex is or the situation here is a brief run-down  Comex is one of the most infamous and best hackers the jailbreak community has ever seen. Comex was the main contributor to a jailbreak some of you may remember 'JailbreakMe', a truly revolutionary breakthrough for the jailbreak community making it open to a much wider community.

Shortly after the success of JailbreakMe, Comex agreed an intern-ship with Apple to many claims of selling out. Two years later, Comex has finished his intern and it seems like things have ended with a sour taste. Allegra stated the reason for the disperse was becuase he 'forgot' to reply to an email from Apple regarding his continued employment with the global conglomerate. I don't deny that Apple take emails very seriously but I just cannot believe this one.

Another issue arising amongst many people is that said people have stated that Apple have got him on a leash to prevent him from working on jailbreaks in the future. Again this doesn't make sense to me. I can understand that this may be the case while he is actually employed by Apple but they should have no bearing on what he does when he is no longer employed by the company. Many people have accused him of being 'dumb enough' to sign this sort of contract, but to me it seems like he probably just wants a break from the whole thing.

After reading many people's opinions on the matter I can conclude, that it seems likely that they used Comex with development of the iPhone 5 to make this the most secure device Apple has ever produced along with iOS6. Although he will never admit this, it would make sense to the reason Apple hired him in the first place. Comex has stated that he wants to continue on with his studies and finish them and I think that it would be unlikely for him to return to the jailbreak community any time soon. It would seem illogical for him to spend all his time at Apple working on security to just develop a jailbreak after, this is highly unlikely to happen.

In the meantime, I think we should put our faith in the other awesome developers working on the jailbreak for iOS6 and iPhone 5 such as MuscleNerd, Pod2g and PlanetBeing (and all others).

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