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October 04, 2012

iPad Mini News!

We became accustomed to a huge amount of leaked information and images around the release of the iPhone 5 and all seemed to be accurate. The focus has no switched to a new iPad (iPad Mini) with a 7.8inch form factor. If the iPhone 5 rumours were anything to go on, I would say that its looking good for the information we have regarding the iPad Mini.

So what do we know so far? New information has surfaced around the actual reveal event, supposedly october 10 with a release within a week or so after. To be honest it would make sense for apple to do this as the 7inch tablet market has excelled for two reasons. Firstly, many full tablets like the iPad are just not practical for travelling and the smaller devices suit this much better. Secondly, cost. We all know that the iPad is the market leader for high prices, and to an average consumer a much cheaper kindle or android tablet would suit the bill. Therefore it make sense that apple would want to tap into this market, making a smaller more affordable tablet to compete. Many pictures have also surfaced showing 'actual models' of what the device will look like. As I have previously mentioned, given the fact that all the iPhone 5 images were genuine I would like to assume the same of the iPad Mini.

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