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October 27, 2012

What You Didn't Know about iOS 6: Siri

Today, were going to start a new series at gottotech. It's called "What You Didn't Know About iOS 6. I (ethan6769) will be putting one article on a regular basis on gottotech, so if you like this series be sure to check up on us.

1st Topic: Siri

Now most of you probably think you know all there is to siri, but I'm here to prove you wrong. If you ask siri "where are the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots?" she might just tell you. This would be ideal for someone looking to play with facetime, or to download an app over 50 mb.

To do this, all you have to do is activate Siri and ask her one of the following questions:

“Where’s the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot?”
“Where are Wi-Fi hotspots in City name, State name?”

This might prove extremely useful when out and about.

We'll see ya in the next one! ethan6769

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  1. Help me out...I'm running IOS 5.1.1 on my Iphone 4, with Siri for 5.1.1 through Siri original ru...Siri keeps telling she can't help me right now, try again later. with no answer! What do I need to do for Siri to answer my questions???? Thanks!