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November 24, 2012

Amazing iOS Notification Concept

New concept allows quick reply capabilities
Recently, The Verge have reported a new notification concept for iOS devices. They claim that the current notification system in iOS is outdated and needs a new overhaul. I am inclined to agree with them as the current notification system hasn't been reinvented much since it's initial introduction. iOS 5 brought the new banner notifications, but many people still felt like something was missing. Cydia tweaks have been providing quick reply menus for a long time now, much like the one featured in this concept art, and I think there is much need to be able to quickly replying to a text or iMessage without leaving the current application. This seems strange to me as iOS has already integrated a quick post feature for Twitter and Facebook and it seems like a logical follow on to be able to access this from the notification itself.

It has to be said that this new notification concept would thrive on the new iPhone 5 larger display as more vertical height would suit this ideally. This concept would allow you to receive a regular notification, tap to view more content and tap to reply to the message without having to exit the current app.

I can see this being integrated into iOS very soon and possibly in an iOS 6 update.


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