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November 06, 2012

Galaxy Note 2 - Are Phablets The Way Forward?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - Is it a phone or tablet?
When the Samsung Galaxy S3 was released,  I really started to take notice of Samsung's Android products. In my mind, HTC was the go to brand if you wanted a top end Android device, but it seems that the times have changed, and Samsung have taken the hot seat. At time time of writing this in november, Samsung have sold over 3 million Galaxy S3 devices, and seem to be real competition for Apple to bear in mind.

The Note 2 draws on many of the GS3's strong points whilst adding even more functionality with its phone/tablet hybrid size screen. I was lucky enough recently to get some hands on time with this beast of a device and I must say two features in particular really stood out to me. For a long time I have really felt underwhelmed by multitasking on phones, due to the fact that many companies seem to be offering a 'press a button and see your recently opened apps' solution, for me, really doesn't cut it. There has been many occasions where I have been watching a video and really wanted to reply or a text or email whilst keeping the video playing and this just hasn't been possible. When I used the Note 2's multitasking functionality I was totally blown away. The large screen of the Note 2 just makes it possible to have two apps open side by side or to minimise the size of the video playing and reply to that text whilst there is still a small preview of the video playing for your pleasure.

Now we come onto the S Pen. When I first heard about Samsung bringing back the stylus, my heart sunk. I thought that we had moved on from that and it seemed like a very redundant piece of kit. Again, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of functionality the S pen brings. Lastly, I want to talk about the screen. As many of you know, I have been using iPhone for a while now and I naively thought that Apple were leaps and bounds above the competition with the retina display. It seems like the competition have caught up. Despite pixel density and pixels per inch being a very important factor, Apple seem to have kept the screen resolution so high on the iPhone by keeping the size down. Whereas the Note 2 doesn't have a comparable amount of pixels with regard to the increase in screen size, it is still a gorgeous display and this is something that is key for an avid video and movie watcher on their phone like myself. There are many more fantastic features the Note 2 has to offer but these are the stand out ones for me.

Check the link at the bottom for some awesome Note 2 cases!
So I have spoken about the large 5.5 inch screen of the Note 2, thus it is being labelled a phablet. This is a very interesting concept to me as it almost opens the market up to a new category. We have recently seen a boom in 7inch tablets as people like the manouveribility they offer compared with a full size iPad for example. The Note 2 gives some of the benefits of a tablet by having a larger screen, making it ideal for media but also you keep the phone functionality.

In the past I was weary about buying a phone due to the lack of accessories that are available. It is no secret that I go slightly OCD when it comes to protecting my devices and I have a case on them at all times. As I mentioned before Samsung products have been selling very successfully which means that there is a plethora of cases and accessories available for them now.
I just wanted to included some of my favourite ones here: Galaxy Note 2 Case

Bottomline: Phones are defiantly a personal preference. The iPhone 5 has a relatively small screen these days compared to other phones out there, but I must admit it fits in the hand perfectly and all areas of the screen are accessible whilst only using one hand. The Note 2 does have some distinct advantages and these are very appealing to many users, and the device makes a beast movie and gaming machine with the large screen, 2GB of RAM and massive battery. I would defiantly recommend the Note 2, but remember it is a matter of personal preference.

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