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November 04, 2012

How Widgets Would Look In iOS

Good interpretation of how Apple could introduce widgets
So recently a video surfaced of a mock up of what Apple widgets would look like on the iPhone, and in my opinion the video shows this very well. This brings up the age old problem for iOS users that want the widget functionality that android offers.

It seems like Apple has been falling behind in recent times with iOS with it lacking a good notification system and it being the last major mobile operating system to omit widgets. iOS 5 saw the introduction of the notification centre, something many thought Apple would never do, and I think the time is getting closer to the same thing happening with widgets. Many questioned the idea behind having 'apps' a few years ago and this is something that has become the bread and butter of mobile operating systems, and I think the same will be said for widgets.

For a very long time Apple seemed to be the trend setter, but with the release of the iPad Mini, it seems that for some things, they wont hesitate to release a product into a well established market. I can see this happening with the introduction of widgets into iOS 7. The video below shows a mock up of how Apple would design them and I can see how widgets can be introduced into the mobile operating system but still keeping the simple look and feel of everyone knows and loves.

Apple seems to have got the hint with the introduction of the Do Not Disturb toggle within the settings menu of iOS6 and it really doesn't seem like a far stretch to have similar toggles on the home screen or in notification centre (like weather and stocks), so simple tasks like turn off Wifi become simple tasks.

The video below shows how widgets can work in iOS with a similar function to that of Windows 8 with resizeable functionality.

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