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November 12, 2012

iPhone 5 Screen Glitch

A little while ago I was experiencing some issues with the screen on my iPhone but thought nothing more of it. When I was playing one of my favourite games, Dalton The Awesome, you have to hold down on the screen for a higher jump, and I kept holding down but it would register it on the screen as a short jump inevitably making me die all the time. This was quite annoying because I knew that this was due to the iPhone 5 screen as I had played this game without any problems on my iPhone 4.

In addition to this, it has recently surfaced that the iPhone 5 has screen problems when swiping quickly in a diagonal motion, something that could prove to be hugely detrimental to app developers. When swiping quickly in a diagonal motion, after a little while the screen cannot keep up and stops scrolling and after a second or two, continues on as normal. This would appear to be a hardware fault with the screen itself, as this is a new problem not found in earlier devices.

As a side note, Apple changed the screen design on the iPhone 5, and removed the air gap between the glass and the display in order to make the device thinner, this could possibly be the cause to the fault. A phone of this price cannot have issues where taps are going unrecognised.

Below is a video demonstrating what I am talking about:

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  1. I got that as well.... Im hoping its just a hardware glitch I would hate for that to be the case considering I would love to wait for this Jailbreak and all sources are pointing towards not updating to the newest IOS update if your looking to jailbreak when the unteathered comes out... Have to wait and see.... This is unfourtunate.