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November 22, 2012

Lightning to 30-Pin Adapter Review

High quality but high price
As many of you know I got the iPhone 5 recently, which features the new smaller 'lightning' connector. I must say that I am enjoying this new reversible connector as it saves me the annoying times when I used to fumble around in the dark trying to charge my phone with the old 30-Pin connector. I must be honest the reason I am enjoying it is probably due to the fact that I haven't invested in an expensive speaker dock that features a 30 pin adapter that has made many people red in the face.

The solution is relatively simple albeit not a cheap one. Apple have released a plethora of different adapters ranging from car chargers to miro USB to lightning adapters (iPhone 5 Charger). As I have many older 30 pin USB cables I decided to pick up the lightning to 30 pin adapter to try and use those cables rather than splashing out for the new lightning ones.

The lightning to 30 pin adapter is pretty much as you would expect, high Apple build quality and does the job. Although it is nice to have the genuine cables, we must be realistic here as many 3rd party lightning cables will be released at a fraction of the cost, which will be more appealing to most people. My recommendation is to be safe rather than sorry, invest the money in a genuine Apple product as it is your lovely brand new expensive device on the line at the end of the day!

See the full line up of Apple iPhone 5 lightning cables here: iPhone 5 Charger

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