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November 23, 2012

What You Didn't Know About iOS6: Assistive Touch

Hello ladies and getlemen, today were looking at "Assistive Touch". Assistive touch creates toggles for your idevice. This is very similar to some common known jailbreak tweaks, but of course, this comes pre - installed on iOS 6. With Assistive Touch, users can tap the onscreen controls with just one finger, and replicate gestures, or commands such as adjusting the volume and locking the screen orientation.You can also create and name custom gestures by recording the individualised movement to perform specific movements.

When you select the white dot you get Seven options:

Rotate Screen: Turn the sccreen of your device for portrait or landscape mode

Lock Screen: Lock your idevice if your lock button dosn't work or if your just lazy

Mute: Toggle on/off sound

Shake: For apps or tweaks that require movement

Volume Down: Lower sound

Voulme Up: Increase Sound

Arrow Left: More Shortcuts (Gestures, ect.)

Assistive touch makes navigating and using iOS devices much easier for disabled people and children.

For more "What you didn't know aboout iOS 6" Click here. And as always, We'll see ya in the next one! ethan

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