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December 13, 2012

Google Maps iOS App Hits App Store

The wait is finally over! As of a few hours ago, Google have released the official Maps application for iOS. All these rumours that Apple were blocking Google from publishing an iOS app are now debunked (maybe they gave in because the Apple app sucked). So we are now blessed with the people that know what they are doing when it comes to mapping...Google. The iOS application is free to download and comes with all the features we have come to know and love, such as street view, turn by turn directions, traffic and satellite views and much more!

However, people are criticising the UI:

Once again, Google proves that while they may know how to make great web services, they can't make Apple-quality software (@stroughtonsmith).

In all fairness I can sympathise with this viewpoint. When using the app it doesn't feel like an Apple experience, something that has specifically been designed for iOS and that is something we did get with the old version (probably because this is a ported version and not a dedicated Apple app). That is probably why Apple didn't want it on the App Store, but were forced to due to the mapplegate problems. Despite this, it is still great to have another option to use should Apple Maps fail you and Google's services are definitely in pole position when it comes to mapping.

Take a look at the video review below:

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