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December 22, 2012

How To Get The Old Youtube Layout Back Permanently

Don't like the new YouTube layout? Well you're the only one, you'll be glad to hear that there are many people on the same boat. The layouts on YouTube have been changing throughout the years with small improvements, which makes it more fun and at the same time easier to use. Recently YouTube rolled out a completely new layout which for many changed how they used and viewed YouTube. Its been causing lots of complains and headaches as it made it harder to navigate through YouTube. ( eg. subscriptions)

Well I've got some good news for all of you've out there who want to go back in time and get the old YouTube layout back. Follow these steps below and you'll get the old YouTube layout back in no time:


1. Open Google Chrome and paste the following link into the url box. Link:

2. Then click " Add To Chrome", once finished adding, open up Youtube.

3. Once on YouTube, you should see a Cookie icon on the top right hand corner. Click on it and click on a tab named " VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE |"

4. Delete the value code, and paste the following code qDpUsBNO0FY.

5. Click "Submit Cookies Changes", Refresh Page and Enjoy.

Find It Confusing, Follow this video tutorial, I've made to make life easier:

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