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December 23, 2012

iPhone 5S Rumours - Colors, 128GB Storage, NFC & More

Despite the recent release of the iPhone 5, this doesn't deter Apple from continuing onto their next flagship product - from an analyst's point of view. An analyst by the name of Peter Misek believes that Apple will renew the regular release schedule and the iPhone 5S will drop in the middle of next year around June/July 2013. Peter has stated a number of features that the iPhone 5S is due to have:

"Based on our checks, likely updates will include a new super HD camera/screen, a better battery, and NFC. Possible updates include an IGZO screen for Retina+, 128GB storage, and coming in 6-8 colors"

It would make sense for Apple to unify the iPhone and iPod lineup in terms of making both devices available in a number of different colors, although this would ruin the unique design of the black of white standard iPhone 5. Different colors have been requested for a while but it seems very strange to do this with the iPhone, especially as the iPhone is generally aimed at an older demographic and the iPod touch is more designed with kids in mind with features like the loop.

Another potential feature reported by Misek is the huge 128GB of flash storage. This unsurprisingly would be the largest amount of storage ever available on a phone, with the previous record smashed by Apple in 2011 with the 64GB storage of the iPhone 4S.

Another major criticism of the iPhone 5 is it's omission of NFC technology, something that is becoming somewhat a standard in smartphones nowadays. Misek believes that this may finally be included with the 5S, but personally I am not convinced. Apple like to be innovators of technology and rarely incorporate other peoples' technologies. Likely Apple will come up with a similar product but brand it themselves  This also explains why the iPhone 5 did not have it as it is probably in development and wasn't ready for production.

Finally, the age old question of a redesign arises. I think we can all say this is unlikely due to the fact the 3GS and 4S were the same design as their predecessor. With the 'S' series of phones, Apple seems to only give the bare minimum of change to make the phone worthwhile to buy for Apple enthusiasts and I think it is unlikely a huge overhaul occur. The iPhone 5S will likely just have an improved camera and a unique feature like we saw with Siri on the 4S.

I think the biggest overhaul will be seen in iOS7.

Source: MacRumours

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