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December 28, 2012

The Best iPhone 5/iPad Mini Dock

So today I received the Kidigi (Cover-mate) desktop cradle for iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPod Touch etc and I must say I am impressed. I have been in the market for a dock ever since I got the iPhone 5 and just haven't been able to find any that seem to fit the bill. The main problem for this is that many of the docks out there do not have any back support for the phone and rely on just the lightning connector the keep the phone up, something that would probably not do too well over the test of time. I came across the Kidigi dock and this seemed to have the relevant back support and be iPhone 5 compatible  The dock itself is very well weighted and is surprisingly heavy considering the size, so the dock would be able to withstand an iPad no trouble at all. The dock also features a screw system, whereby loosening the screw enables you to adjust the back rest so you can use the dock with cases etc, a really neat feature. Another good feature is that due to the design you can raise and lower the connector itself if you have a case with a small connector cut-out for example. The main drawback of this dock is the fact that you have to use your own lightning cable with it. I understand this is necessary as Apple are the only people making lightning connectors and there is no way around this. Also, in the bottom of the dock you really have to bend the cable around so the dock sits flat on the table and this could damage the cable over time and make it wear quicker than usual.

Overall, the Kidigi dock is good value for money and great for people that have a number of Apple products with the new lightning connector.

Kidigi Dock

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