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January 22, 2013

Black Orb Theme Running On iPhone 5 - No Jailbreak

Black Orb theme may open the gates
 to more themes without jailbreaking
So exciting news as the release for the Black Orbs theme is now live, allowing iPhone 5 users to finally run a theme on the device...Oh and did I mention all of this is available without a jailbreak! The Black Orbs theme has a clever way of running, as it installs a profile on your device, which in turn allows the icons to be displayed on the home screen and this profile links to safari pages that open the apps!

Enough chit chat here are the all important download links:

Theme download: Here
Wallpaper download: Here

At the moment this theme profile only supports a few apps and unfortunatly even some Apple stock ones are not included. The profile puts the icons on the screen regardless if they are installed and you manually have to delete the ones you don't want...something that could become a problem if the theme eventually supports say 500 apps.

This theme is defiantly worth trying out and who knows what will be released next!

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