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January 18, 2013

Temple Run 2 Hack! Unlimited Coins & Gems no jailbreak!

So only 24 hours after it's release, a very simple hack for Temple Run 2 has been released that allows the player to gain unlimited coins and gems, thus unlocking all the upgrades in the game instantly without paying a dime.

Read on for a tutorial of how to do this hack.

1. Make sure Temple Run 2 is installed on your device and connect to the computer.
2. Open a file explorer, for this I am going to be using iFunBox Download here
3. Navigate to your device, applications and then Temple Run 2.
4. Within the Temple Run 2 file, find the following file gamedata.txt and replace it with this file Download here
5. Go back to your device, close Temple Run 2 from the app switcher and you are done! Millions of coins await you!

Also, see below for a video tutorial if you get stuck!