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February 23, 2013

Recoil Winders - Cable Management System

Do you have cables that you just can't seem to find a place for? Or maybe just a pair of earphones that need a new home? In this article, you'll find the solution to your problems. The Recoil Winder. Recoil Winders are the only cord management system that winds all of your light electronic cords and cables. Chargers, USB's, headphones and other electronic cables are instantly wound and stored with recoil's compact design.

The Small Winder
The Small Recoil Winder is specifically designed to wind your Apple iPod and iPhone earbuds (both with and without mics), and other headphones and earbuds without mics. This winder stores your Apple earbuds instantly in this tiny pocket-friendly case.

The Medium Winder
The Medium Recoil Winder will wind all your headphones, and most lightweight USB and charging cords up to 47 inches long.

The Large Winder
The Large Recoil Winder will wind the rest of your small diameter cords and cables up to 60 inches long.

I recommend this product for those with a messy desk like mine. It is made out of a very durable and compact material which make it easy to put any where, - even on the go! But even with the many good things about this product, I found a few irritations. The first "irritation" about this product, is when you want to take the cable itself out of the winder. The cable sometimes comes out with a few loops or knots. Next, is the difficulty in actually removing the cable for the recoil. Some times your finger gets caught in the winder itself.  If you want to see a video review of the product it will be down below, enjoy!

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