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February 27, 2013

The future of the iPhone - Can it compete with the likes of HTC One/ Xperia Z?

So as you may know it's that time of year where phone manufactures are releasing new smartphones to the market with the main ones being the HTC One and the Sony Xperia Z (with the Galaxy S IV launch around the corner). These are two high end flagship phones that will really make an impact on the market. It seems like 1080p resolution phones are now becoming the standard with more entering the market all the time. With the release of these two phones it got me thinking about Apple and the iPhone, and the age old question about whether they are going to innovate the stagnant iOS software. I look at the features that the HTC offer such as blinkfeed/HTC sense, which shows that HTC are constantly reinventing the software that runs with Android, to provide new features for customers and put themselves above the competition. We then turn to iOS which looks almost unchanged since it's first iteration six years ago.

This innovation can also be seen in the camera on the One, with a new redesign of the camera that uses a 4mp ultrapixel sensor, and the Xperia Z featuring a 13mp sensor. I am not denying that the iPhone 5 camera is still very good, but it makes you reflect on what the iPhone 5 offers and I find myself feeling that it isn't in fact that different from the 4S, not only with the camera but the phone as a whole. The Xperia Z has features such as offering a design body that is dust and waterproof, something that would appeal to many of us that have had devices written off with water damage. Please do not misinterpret my intentions in writing this post, as I am not trying to insult Apple or iPhone, I think it's time for us to make a stand and not put up with this anymore. It doesn't feel right that Apple can seemingly get away with changing the bare minimum to get it's loyal customers to splash out for the new handset every year, and what do we get in return? This brings me to an interesting point that is one iPhone release per year really enough for the iPhone to stay competitive? You have to consider that between the numerous manufacturers that support Android there seems to always be a new high end Android release due. Having said this, Apple seems to know how to get the marketing right, and create a huge amount of hype around a new product launch.

What I have spoken about is boosted even more by the fact that its arch enemy, the Samsung Galaxy SIII, is on the verge of releasing it's new flagship phone the S IV, with many high end features being rumoured and I feel that this could be the start of the real decline of the iPhone's popularity unless they decide to do something drastic with the next launch. People are realising that to get a high end smart phone with tons of apps, the iPhone is no longer the only option with Android making huge progress in the last couple of years, it really is time for Apple to become the leaders of innovation as they once were. I reiterate that this is not an insult to Apple's products but merely a reminder that change is long overdue.

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