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February 09, 2013

Top 3 iOS6 Themes For iPhone 5 & More

So we are well into the evasi0n jailbreak now with cydia starting to cope with the traffic loads and themes are easier to download. I have traipsed through countless themes to find out that they are not fully compatible for iOS6, so I thought it would be a good idea to compile my favourite three that work out the box with no tweaking involved so here they are. Also please bear in mind that these themes, mostly do not skin the native apps and are purely just the icon sets, notification centre and lockscreen that gets skinned...anyway enjoy!

1.Jaku - A simple and elegant theme that doesn't scream and shout but adds a nice change to your homescreen. The icons keep the native iOS square shape so don't look too out of place but the worksmanship shows through and you really start to appreciate the amount of detail that has gone into the icons.

2. Boss.ios - This is one of my all time favourite cydia themes. This comes from the sensational 'Fif7y' who brought you the likes of VIP HD, Noki, Darkho][ow and more. The icons in this theme are nothing short of perfect and the widgets is the cherry on top of the cake. Stylish and sleek look to your iPhone that will look perfect on a black device. If you have a white device do not fear, download the day mod or even noki for the perfect theme.

3. Turquesa - Something a bit different. I love the coloring of this theme and yes it does make your device stand out, but in a good way! As with all the themes I choose, turquesa has a high attention to detail on the icons and the contrast of the black and cyan just looks exquisite.

These are my favourite three themes and I definatly recommend you try them out!

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