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April 06, 2013

PowerSkin PoP'n Extended Battery Case for iPhone 5 Review

As there are many iPhone 5 Cases on the market the PoweSkin PoP'n extended battery is a very interesting product. It combines the functionality of extra battery life with an interesting design concept. The PoP'n battery couples suction cups that stick to the back of the device with a flexible lightning connector. I must admit I am very impressed with this one as it feels high quality with the glossy finish and clever design of the curved lightning connector. The suction cups seem very sturdy and won't be coming off the device any time soon! The Pop'n also features 4 bright blue LED indicators to show you how much battery and a clever little feature that only starts charging the device when the button is pressed (something not featured with the PowerSkin Battery Case). Last but not least the Pop'n features a 2000mAh battery which will give you round about one and a half charges. I feel like this product combines the two types of external battery well and eliminates the negatives of each, let me explain. I felt like the PowerSkin iPhone 5 battery case wasn't a great fit and you have to lug that hefty case around on the phone all the time. Additionally, other external battery's just flap around as they only connect with a cable, that's why the suction cups on the battery are such a great idea because you can stick it on when you want it and still use the phone as normal and then when you are done just unstick and throw back in you're backpack.

As a heavy iPhone user I like to have an external battery with me as you never know when you are going to run out of juice, and for the price the PoP'n would be my ideal solution.

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