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May 05, 2013

Velox - The Best Cydia Tweak Since Auxo

So as you know there are many daily releases to cydia, with many tweaks fulfilling everyday tasks adequatly. It is rare for a tweak to do something really special and the last instance of this was Auxo. The idea behind Velox is simple, pop up windows for app specific tasks to enhance the springboard usability. This seems to be a very ingenious way of avoiding the android style widget interface but at the same time adding some really useful functionality right on your homescreen. The tweak works by sliding in an upwards or downwards motion on the app icon to reveal some extra features. These include a number of toggles for the settings app, music controls on the iPod app, full weather information on weather and a fully functional camera on the camera app! Of course not all apps are supported, and it seems that the ones currently are the stock ones, but I would imagine more will be supported at a later date. Another thing that would be nice to see added is the ability to use this tweak on apps that are placed in folders as this is currently unsupported.

At this moment in time I can't think of a better way to spend $1.99.

Click here to see Velox in action!

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