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June 10, 2013

Call Of Duty: Ghosts Gameplay Revealed

So a week ahead of E3, Activision and Infinity Ward showcased some actual gameplay from the game. The mission was an underwater one of high octane action that you would come to expect in the Call Of Duty franchise. The event also revealed a whole new element of the game known as 'Riley' a playable dog that becomes an important part of you're team. Obviously this brings a whole new dynamic to the game, and stealth mission just became a whole lot more interesting. The presenters kept bragging the whole way through the event that this game was running on 'next-gen' hardware, meaning that the game is likely running on the Xbox One. Call Of Duty don't have to do much these days to convince us to go out an buy the new title but Ghosts looks like a good buy and offers something different to the stagnant Modern Warfare series.

Below you can watch the whole event:

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