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June 30, 2013

CaseCrown Chameleon Glider iPhone 5 Case Review

The CaseCrown Chameleon Glider case is a great combination of protection and style, something most people are looking for. Let's start with the design, and the most iconic part of the case is clearly the pearlescent color changing finish to the case. The one we reviewed was the blue and purple variant that shimmers and shines different hues of purple and blue dependant on the light conditions (much like pearlescent car paint). Note that the case has a gloss finish so will be a fingerprint magnet. The finish also has a sparkly and glittery part to it that shimmers in direct sunlight. The bottom panel of the case features the CaseCrown branding, which in my opinion is tastefully done. Also shows that the case is of a higher quality that the cheap eBay cases most people torment their iPhones with.

Next up the practicality of the case, and as far as the cutouts go everything is accessible as you would expect. From my testing, no issues were found when using third party headphones and lightning connectors. The camera cutout and cutout for the volume panel are all as you would expect and no issues to report. From the name you probably worked out that this is a two part slider case. It must be noted that it is a very snug fit, and I found that quite a bit of force was needed to get the case on and even more to try and pull it off. The main back panel on the inside of the case features a protective cloth to stop the back of the phone getting scratched, but I found that the phone came into contact most with the sides which had no protection at all. Therefore, I found myself cringing when taking it on and off fearing the phone was getting scratched. I want to add the phone is fine but the case was only taken on and off a few times and if this was used for a long time you may not be so lucky. The case features a great lay on the table design, meaning that the screen of the phone will be well protected.

Bottomline: This is a great case for protection and doesn't add too much bulk, whilst adding a cool aesthetic to the phone. I am a big fan of the pearlescent finish, which is something you don't really see on phone cases so kudos for that. In regard to the slider design, once the case is on leave it there and minimise the amount that you take it on and off.

The CaseCrown Chameleon Glider case is a nice balance of style and protection. To check out pricing and availability: Click Here

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