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June 17, 2013

Elago S5 Outfit Case For iPhone 5

So the kind folks over at Elago sent me over the S5 Outfit Matrix Case to take a look at. First things first, wow. The S5 has a very simple design and is a snap on style case, but seemingly does everything I want it to. In the past I haven't been a huge fan of the snap on style cases but as of late I have been using my phone bare, they way it was intended. What the Outfit case offers is some protection (especially from scratches on the back of the iPhone), but also wraps around all the corners, which is exactly what you want. I decided to do something different and go for a bright color, in this case orange, just to spice things up. As you may or may not know I always go for the black or dark cases and its really great that Elago offer this wonderful case in a variety of different colors. Due to the slim design of the case, all the necessary ports and buttons are easily accessible. Also, you should have noticed the great design feature of the case, insomuch that the two tone matte and brushed aluminium works very well to match the design feature of the iPhone itself. The case itself seems very rigid and doesn't seem to be made of thin cheap plastic so will last well and protect too, but I would watch for cracking if your iPhone does meet the floor. Overall it does a lot of things right and will suit a lot of peoples' needs which is why I would love to recommend this one too you. Also I would recommend going for the retail packaging that will include a screen protector and micro fibre cloth for help applying.

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