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June 10, 2013

iOS 7 Unveiled At WWDC - Full Roundup

So today saw Apple's WWDC event where the latest software was unveiled including iOS 7 and with Mac OSX Mavericks. We will omit the OSX announcement for another day to focus on the iOS 7 release. Apple also unveiled the new design Mac Pro, with a stunning stark redesign, and new MacBooks with huge battery life all of which we will discuss in this article. First things first, the new Macbook Air will recieve the Haswell chip that will greatly improve battery performance, with the 11-inch model fetching 9 hours battery and the 13-inch model reaching a huge 12 hours of battery something of an industry leading standard.

Secondly, we will discuss is the new design of the Mac Pro. Apple stated that they wanted to redesign what computers would look like for the next ten years to come, and they have certainly
dropped a bombshell with this one. The new Mac Pro comes in a stealth black color and if we are honest doesnt look like a computer at all. The new Mac boasts lots of impressive features like dual AMD CPUs and support for 4K displays, so it really looks like Apple is trying to future proof this machine. It makes sense that you will keep a computer for ten years when you splash out the big bucks for a Mac Pro. On that note, no price has been revealed as it is still in development.
So the day that many thought would never come is upon us. Critics suggested that Apple would never have a UI overhaul on this scale and that they were stuck in their ways. For the sake of everyone I am very pleased that Apple have taken a bold move to redesign the whole UI of iOS 7. For someone like myself, a self proclaimed Apple 'Fanboy' I must admit I was getting very tired and bored of the stale
and dull looking iOS. iOS 7 has completely turned this around and breathed new life into iOS. The new UI of 7 looks like a hybrid of android, iOS and windows 8 all mashed together with the sheer design excellence that Apple offers and its truly unrivalled. Overall the UI is now bright and colourful and boasts many new features that will cover one by one. Little things such as gesture integration and unlimited amounts of apps allowed in folders has been added.

Gone are the days of so called 'multitasking' and 'app switcher', with iOS 7 bringing true multitasking to your device. The new look gives you large card style previews of current apps, and also displays your most used apps too, so they are always at the tip of your fingertip.

Now possibly my favourite feature of the update is a handy little feature known as control centre. This is what us iPhone users have been waiting for. No longer do we have to use jailbreak tweaks to get Android style toggles at our fingertips. By sliding up from the bottom of the screen, Control centre is launched which gives you quick access to toggles such as bluetooth and flashlight, as well as music controls and Airdrop. Airdrop is a feature new to iOS getting it's name from Mac and allows files to be shared easily over the same WiFi network. The files are encrypted and the feature will only be avaliable on the iPhone 5. Now there is no need to wander around the room and bump phones!

Another new feature that has caused quite a stir is the new iTunes Radio feature. This integrates directly into the music app and represents similiar services such as Pandora. The service is free to use for anyone but will be advert supported, but those people that are subscribed to iTunes match will get ad free listening. If you hear a song through iTunes Radio that you like, it will take you through a link to purchase the track, nice and simple.

Last but not least we will look at the highly expected overhaul to Siri. Other than the obvious design changes, Siri now comes in two voices male and female to suit the users needs. Additionaly, as many people thought, Siri now has the capability of performing such tasks as turning on and off bluetooth directly. Also, Siri now integrates with Wikipedia and Twitter to make searching these services even easier.

As a wrap up I must admit this is the perfect time to upgrade iOS to a more contemporary UI that is what the customer wants. It is refreshing to see that Apple can listen to everyone crying out for them to be more like Android with widgets and toggles, and we always knew that if Apple attempted this it would be done in an extremely elegant, simplistic and artistic manner. I didnt get to mention all the features that have been included in this update but then neither did Apple. There are many new things to discover when we are finally able to get our hands on iOS 7 and I must say I am extremely excited for this day and it has made me fall in love all over

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