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June 29, 2013

iPhone 5S/6 Leaked Pictures & Rumour Roundup

With the product cycle of Apple it probably comes as no surprise that the next rumoured iPhone will more than likely be an iPhone 5S, a simple internal hardware refresh as opposed to a whole design
change. A number of leaked photos are surfacing online that seem to be painting this picture and give us some clues to what Apple is going to change on the newest addition to its iPhone family.

From the first leaked image, we can see the iPhone 5S will carry the same external design as the current generation, with the changes being mostly internal. One big difference that can be seen externally, is it seems to have a dual LED flash, one with a yellow hue and one with an orange hue. This is rumoured to be one of Apple's new features to work hand in hand with an updated camera and this dual colored flash will adjust to the lighting conditions to give the best possible image.

Another leaked image shows the rumoured iPhone 5S front display panels on the production line which seems to fuel the speculation that mass production of the newest generation has already begun. Another rumour is that the display will feature a fingerprint scanner. On one hand this seems like a great idea for security and would broaden the horizons of apps and the way passwords work on the iPhone, but on the other hand it seems a bit gimmicky in principle. If this is the case then when we actually see the working product, I'm sure that Apple will do it justice.

Ever since the launch of the 5th generation iPod touches, speculation has arisen that Apple will deploy the same variety of color choices to the iPhone line up. Many say that Apple will release a cheaper version of the iPhone that will be available in up to seven different colors whilst keeping the classic black and white as the premium phones. In reality, it would be very surprising for Apple to do this for many reason. Firstly, the introduction of lots of colors would just degrade the brand image of high end quality premium products. Secondly, if Apple where to release this cheaper version, would it not just be an iPod touch with phone capability and therefore make the iPod touch pointless? Let's just say it would be very surprising if Apple were to go down this route.

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