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June 12, 2013

Reliable UDID Activations

So no doubt you have seen the iOS 7 announcement and want to get your hands on it? You have probably looked into trying to get it without activating your UDID? STOP! Why risk bricking the device you love? I know that there is a lot of scammers trying to make money out of this scenario so this is why I want you to have a reliable and easy way of getting iOS 7 on your iDevice.

The UDID activations cost only $4 per device (not only is my source reliable but also one of the cheapest out there) and this will cover you for a year!

If you are interested in this then please send an iMessage to: and he will instruct you how to pay and send the UDID you want to activate.

Why risk trying this without registering the device on the developer programme?!?

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