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June 28, 2013

TYLT Energi iPhone 5 Battery Case Review

TYLT are a relatively new company to the case business and have really made a name for themselves at CES (Consumer Electronics Show). I have had the privilege of reviewing some of their other products the SQRD and BUMPR cases and was very impressed with both. TYLT put a lot of thought and effort into the packaging which is nice when you are spending $20+ on a case and is a nice little touch. All the cases along the different product lines have a simplistic design with minimal branding which is tastefully done. The same can be said for the TYLT Energi case, which doubles the standard battery life of the iPhone 5 and could save you in some sticky situations. The first thing I want to mention about the Energi case is that I was pleasantly surprised when finding out that it comes with two slider cases in addition to the battery pack, meaning that you can switch up the color and gives you a huge sense of practicality. Many people may opt to rock one of the slider cases and keep the battery portion in a bag and then simply click in when the power is getting low (if you are not understanding how this works then please check out the video below). The case has a great build quality to it, one downside I found was the back of the case has a matte finish which means it can attract fingerprints and oily substances are very easy to see. All of the cutouts are great and TYLT provide you with an extension lead for the near impossible to access headphone port. The case features a 2500 mAh battery, and testing has shown this is capable to give you a full charge from almost dead, but something to note is that it does appear to do this at a slower speed when comparing a mains charger. The case features a single button on the back that doubles as a power on/off switch as well as a battery indicator. The small line indicator on the button seems more tasteful than four separate LED indicators that other cases feature.

Bottom-line: this is a great case and well worth the price tag. Great styling and great build quality, with a choice of colors to suit everyone's needs. A clever design means that you can use the provided slider cases with or without the battery attached, and then just click it on when you need the charge. The TYLT Energi case really offers a great alternative to the Mophie Juicepack.

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