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September 08, 2013

App Store Error Displays 'Optimised for iPhone 6' Message On Apple's iMovie, Pages and Keynote Apps

In what would appear to be a blunder by Apple, some of the Apple apps on the App Store have been displaying a message saying they are optimised for the iPhone 6.  It appears that this is likely due to a mistake and not indicative of Apple's plans for new devices on September 10. This compatibility message could relate to the fact Apple are supposedly testing iPhones with up to a 6inch screen, but are likely not going to be seen publicly until next year.

The rumour mill has been working hard as of late, seemingly pointing towards two new iPhones, the successor to the iPhone 5 (deemed the iPhone 5S) and a cheaper colored model called the 5C. I think that if the message referred to one of these devices then this may go some way to give further evidence that these are real devices.

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