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September 08, 2013

New Leaked iPhone 5S Box Shows Evidence Of Fingerprint Scanner

So a new image has surfaced reportedly showing the new iPhone 5S retail packaging. The picture has hit the web by storm, as a silver ring appears around the home button. This silver ring many are saying point towards more evidence that Apple are going to implement a fingerprint scanner within the iPhone home button to set new biometric security levels for mobile phones.

Many people have stepped out and said that this one is a fake due to the blank background on the iPhone home screen, and I can see some truth in this. We are all sitting tight for the Apple announcement on September 10th to roll around. The 3GS saw a speed increase and the iPhone 4S came with Siri, so I wonder what the 5S will be sporting?

Designer Martin Hajek has put together some mock ups of what the iPhone could look like from the leaked box, and I must say this does look sexy. Unfortunately the leaked parts show no sign of colorful LEDs behind the new iPhone home button.

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