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February 12, 2014

Apple iWatch Rumour Roundup

So the rumour mill hasn't disappointed recently, and with all the hype and rumours around the next Apple product I thought it be fitting to have an overview of everything we know of so far.

We will start with the picture that I have included in this article. Although this looks very visually appealing, I think that this is nothing more than just concept art. In the picture to the right, the iWatch seems to closely resemble the Nike Fuelband with a certain iOS twist, but I just don't think it would be possible to get a retina display and easy functionality on this form factor. The smart watch seems to be the gadget to have at the moment, with all the big brands such as Sony and Samsung developing watches to accompany smartphones. There seems to be too many rumours going around for Apple not to be working on a smart watch at this point, and I am pretty excited to see how Apple will put this into practice.

Apple have been a little bit behind the others with a certain lack of fitness integration in iOS (except Nike+), and many of the others are using the watch platform to gather data and display this on the phone. A company with a reputation like Apple would surely want to get on the health conscious side of technology, as there are many apps that track running and cycling etc and this would be much more useful if it was built into iOS from the ground up.

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