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February 12, 2014

iPhone 6 & iOS 8 Rumour Roundup

So here we are again, already eagerly anticipating the next phone release. So it has hit that point in the cycle where we are starting to look to the next flagship iPhone and there seems to be lots of rumours to back this up.  One report from the South China Morning Post states that Apple is gearing up to release two versions of the new iPhone, much like we saw with the iPhone 5C and 5S.

The 'iPhone 6' will ship with a larger display than the 5S with a screen size of 4.7" for the common market and a 5.5" phablet sized screen to compete with Sony and Samsung.  The great news is that Apple have built on their retina display and increased the ppi to a whopping 441 (current ppi is 326).  The next generation of iPhones will have a sapphire crystal display which supports the recent rumours that Apple is planning to have its latest sapphire plant operational in February for its critical product component. Finally, Apple will be removing the iPhone 5C from its line up when the iPhone 6 is released and the 5S will become the budget phone and will likely be made from cheaper materials.

Next up we're going to be talking about iOS 8.  There seems to be a close connection between the release of iOS 8 and the rumoured Apple iWatch.  The link comes in the form of a movement towards health development, having a much larger integration with software and hardware.  Looking at iOS 8 this development going under codename Healthbook is an app that will ship standard and give iOS a much more health centred approach.

The purpose of the Healthbook app is to store and read health and fitness data from wearable devices such as the iWatch.  The current rumoured design is very reminiscent of the Passbook app whereby each card corresponds to a health data point. For example one may relate to how many steps have been made in a day whilst another would relate to the daily calorie intake.

This seems to have a definite influence from Samsung's S Health app and features found on Samsung devices and Galaxy Gear.  It would be nice to see this kind of integration because the mobile phone is becoming the central device around healthy living.

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