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March 08, 2014

DOOGEE DG600 Smartphone / Tablet Review

So DHGate were kind enough to send me out a copy of the DOOGEE DG600 Smartphone / Tablet.

Overall the tablet is a basic, android tablet that suits most casual users looking for a smooth lag free experience at a low cost. 
Coming in at around $140, it is not bad in the price range considering it is unlocked and has dual sim capability.

It comes with all the regular functions such as WiFi and Bluetooth along with radio.  

I have personally tested it out on a few games and emulators and it has been running everything smoothly so I cannot complain.
If I had to pick one fault with the device it would be the below average quality speaker, not a problem for headphone users.

Overall a decent tablet for a decent price. If you are considering buying one, watch my review down below and you can get a discount code by using the link in the description and messaging the seller about my video.

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