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April 05, 2014

FeaturePoints Review - Free Money By Downloading Apps

So I have been using feature points for a few days now and I'm totally addicted to it. If you don't know what feature points is let me explain. You can sign up to feature points by going to feature on your mobile device (Android & iPhone), and installing the app to your home screen. If asked for a friend referal code then enter QDG72H and this will give you a bonus 50 points. From then on the idea is simple, download free apps and earn points, which in turn can be traded for a bunch of cool things. You can redeem your points for paid apps, a $0.99 app would take about 5 mins to earn, or you can save up for iTunes cards, Xbox live, Paypal deposits and even more. The key to earning a decent amount of points is to sign up as many of your friends as you can, because when you refer them, you will earn 50% of the points they get when downloading apps! I have trawled through a number of other similar apps and none of them offer this cool service, so if you first think that the prizes are priced pretty high then don't forget to get some friends on board because that is the easiest way to earn.

The other great thing about feature points is that they run a number of competitions whereby you have the chance to win prizes by downloading apps. Each app you download counts as 1 entry to the prize draw, and the number of entries you have racked up is tracked through the app. Recent prizes have included a PS4, Xbox One and iPad Minis. As well as the grand prize in each draw, there are normally a bunch of runner up prizes, for example in the most recent draw to win a PS4, there are 100 runner up prizes that win 10,000 points (around $15).

Something else that I wanted to mention that many people don't know about is the feature points partner program. Once you have a large amount of people signed up through your code, you can apply to be a partner, where they give you a customised referral code that is easier to remember and direct paypal payments. Overall I think that this is a great service to rack up some money or free apps from a little bit of time each day. Don't forget the key is to get people to sign up through your code, so it would be great if you are thinking of signing up to use my code QDG72H and get the 50 bonus points.

Check out my video review below too!

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