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April 05, 2014

iPhone 6 - Leaked Images & Rumour Roundup

So a little while ago I reported on the leaks/rumours around on the iPhone 6. Since then they have been continuing to grow and suggest that Apple are in fact going to release two variants this september, one with a 4.7inch display and one phablet sized phone at 5.5 inches. The concept are you can see here by Martin Hajek shows a much slimmer and more elegant looking iPhone, with a true edge to edge display with virtually no bezel. To me this looks like an aesthetic combination of the iPod touch and the iPhone. The next thing is the name. I do believe Apple will name this something like the iPhone Air rather than the iPhone 6, just because this fits in the trend of their other products and also at some point the naming has to change because the iPhone 10 just sounds ridiculous.

It is quite possible that Apple will keep the same resolution with the new 4.7inch model at 1136x640 which means that the PPI will drop from 326 to 280ppi. This is not necessarily the end of the world, as with larger devices they are generally held at a larger distance from the face which still means the display will be classified as 'retina'. According to other sources, the 5.5inch model is rumoured to have a pixel density of 389ppi and this would be classed as 'ultra-retina'. Some basic calculations of a 1080p screen resolution of that size would roughly work out to be around that pixel density. All things considered, in my opinion I can foresee Apple creating a larger screen device, like the 4.7inch one rumoured as a lot of people are asking for this and it being the greatest area Apple can increase the iPhone and me myself, I would love an iPhone with around a 5inch display.

Some additional images that have surfaced on the internet claim to show the back housing from the new iPhone, leaked from the production at foxconn. Although the images have been taken from a computer monitor, I must say they do look fairly legit and in line with some other leaks and mockups we have seen.

Something exciting that could be coming to the new iPhone as soon as september is new screens made from sapphire. It is well known that Apple have purchased a sapphire creation company called GT Advanced and they have demonstrated that if production is done on a large enough scale then the sapphire screen would be cost effective enough to put into mobile devices. Sapphire screens would revolutionise the mobile phone, as it would make the screen virtually indestructible and would save a lot of heartache from the customer when the phone is dropped. Cracked and damaged screens are somewhat something of a normality, but imagine having a phone that no matter how many times it is dropped, will still look as good as the day you bought it. I think a feature like that would be a real crowd pleaser and head turner to the company that gets accused of not being innovative enough.

The integration of a full touch bar along the bottom panel of the iPhone 6 could be great or not. This means that the phone would unlikely be the super thin 6mm thick as rumoured but would completely dismiss the iconic home button. Surely Apple can use the technology found in the Touch ID sensor to this technology and add a number of different gestures into the phone, much like the Apple magic mouse. I can also imagine that this would do wonders for the aesthetic of the iPhone also, having a flat panel along the bottom would look awesome along with these new gesture based features.

Last but not least we have a concept video in which many new features are speculated. There are a whole host of new things we have talked about and are rumoured and we truly won't know until the day of announcement.

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