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April 02, 2014

Tech21 Impact Trio Case For iPhone 5/5S Review

So the kind folks over at Tech21 were nice enough to send over an impact trio case to take a look at, and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised! The case itself uses the D30 technology that has been in their cases for a while now, and the idea is that it is a putty that strengthens extremely quickly when put under sudden force. This kind of this is well suited for phones hurtling towards the concrete car park you are standing in, and gives the phone great protection. Impactology cases protect phones from accidental drops or falls by absorbing the impact. There’s also a range of products available for Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Note3 and Nexus 5. To find out what makes Impactology™ different watch the latest video: Click Here!
The other thing that I like about the case is that it has a sizeable lay on the table design which protects the screen when laying the phone face down, but also protects the screen when the phone is dropped as it isn't the first thing that hits the floor, the case takes most of the impact. As I mentioned in my full video review, the trio case comes with a sizeable cutout for the camera and flash, which is lucky considering the 5S has the dual LEDs so would need a bit cutout to protect flashback. In addition to the large cutout, it is lined with black again to further flashback issues. In terms of all the cut outs I didn't encounter any issues and the power button is nicely covered with great feedback, as you would expect.
In terms of design, I think that this case does a lot of things right. It features a two tone design as there is a main colour on the back and sides, and the insert and buttons are a different complementing colour. The Tech21 branding is minimal, just an engraving at the bottom which is not too obtrusive, and the shiny surface is nice but is probably prone to scratching and fingerprinting.Overall I think that this case ticks a lot of boxes. Tech21 have really tried to maximise the amount of protection on the iPhone without adding tons of bulk (something that is well received), and also given it a cool design aesthetic. I would rate this at around an 8/10.

Click Here to view this case and other colour options on the Tech21 website, and also check out the full video review below.

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