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July 28, 2014

Music Enhancer Tweak - Download Tracks From Soundcloud App & Import To iPod App

So I decided to report on the music enhancer tweak. Yes this is controversial as it allows the user to download any track from the popular music apps Soundcloud and 8tracks, and listen to the tracks offline and even import into the music app for even easier listening. The tweak featured on the BigBoss repo for a very short time before getting delisted pending copyright review. Due to the nature of the tweak it is very unlikely we will see this tweak be reinstated onto the popular repository. However, if you are one that likes to dice with death, then you are in luck! It is still possible to download the tweak through pirated repos and I will list one further down in this post. As per the video review also in this post, I highly recommend downloading the Safari Downloader+ tweak that allows the user to import the track metadata to the music app, as the import function of the Music Enhancer tweak itself is not functioning.

The repo that I used to test this tweak is the following:
Please remember to use this at your own risk, as downloading copyrighted material is a felony. I downloaded this for informational purposes only.

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