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May 02, 2017

Clear Smartphones - Are they the future?

Zach shows off the Samsung and LG phones
 So for many years I have been thinking about how cool it would be to have a clear smartphone. As we know smartphone manufacturers, in particular Apple, have made the phones just as beautiful on the inside as they have on the outside. Lets cast our mind back to the days of the clear Gameboy. You can really appreciate the inner workings of the device as you can see it all going on. 

Here we see the Samsung S8 in its full beauty
Zach over on the youtube channel JerryRigEverything has made a couple of mock ups of what the latest smartphones look like with a totally clear back panel. He has used his handy work for both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the LG G6. This one of a kind phone comes at a price though. Firstly, you must be willing to take the risk that you could totally brick the device. Zach uses experimental techniques to achieve this result so its probably something you don't want to try at home. Both the devices have glass panels on the back of the phones which can be removed by applying some heat to soften the glue and then can be peeled away. Secondly, Zach had to remove both wireless charging panels from the phones to expose the full beauty of the battery and circuitboards underneath. Once the handiwork was completed he resealed them with thin layers of double sided sticky tape, not ideal. I think its safe to say they will both lose the waterproof rating and likely be water damaged very easily.
iPhone 4 with a clear back panel

As an iPhone user and lover for many years this got me thinking. How could this be achieved with an iPhone? The Samsung and LG have glass back plates that are quite easy to remove, however the iPhone has a metal chassis that is integral to the whole phone. This would mean that you would have to totally disassemble the phone, replace the housing and replace all the parts back again. Not an easy feat at all. Having said that it is possible and iPhone modders have been doing this since the iPhone 4, where it was quite easy to replace the glass back panel with a clear alternative. This leads me to the ultimate question, if Apple or other manufactures were to make an OEM clear version of their flagship phone, would you buy it? For me this is a no brainer as it would undoubtedly look awesome, but maybe the appeal would wear off if everyone had this device (like the red iPhone 7). It would have to be an engineering masterpiece as most smartphones have metal shielding around the phone to prevent interference, something that would be impossible if clear glass was used.

Leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts. Would you buy a clear iPhone?

iPhone 5 with a clear housing

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