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February 24, 2018

Electra With Cydia Gets Public Release Date From Coolstar

So we have all been waiting patiently for Coolstar to work through the beta phase for Electra and it looks like we are getting close to the final release. We have had some ups and downs over the course of the 11 beta versions of Electra, including some drama that saw Coolstar delete his twitter account and made many nervous he was never going to return.

Today comes some exciting news from Coolstar himself, stating that this jailbreak will be the most stable the community has seen since iOS 9.3.3 that was jailbroken by Pangu team.

Hopefully if we don’t get sidetracked again, we could very well be seeing the final Electra release next week :)

Will be the most stable 64 bit jailbreak* since iOS 9.3.3 :D

*Not for anyone who installed bootlegged or illegitimate copies of Electra RC 1.x

Today Coolstar also showed his new tool he will be using to distribute the developer previews in a route to stop another leak and piracy of RC2.0, the newest version of Electra that comes bundled with Cydia. He is showing that he will be using device identifiers known as UDID (a bit like a fingerprint for a phone) so he knows exactly who is installing the IPA on their device. I understand why he feels this necessary as the last leak seemed a real set back for Coolstar and truly showing a side of the jailbreak community that is less than perfect.

After Ian Beer's exploit for iOS 11-11.1.2, we have seen many developers release jailbreaks, but many waiting for Saurik to release an updated version of Cydia for iOS 11. Coolstar started working on the Electra jailbreak with a view of beating Saurik to this by using substitute instead of Cydia substrate to add compatibility for iOS 11. So it seems we could see a public release in a few days but it will be worth bearing the following in mind:
To be similar to other previous jailbreakd, Electra final will not have checks for topanga or bootlegged copies of RC 1.x. it will try installing anyways (only checking and uninstalling liberiOS or Electra betas).

If Cydia is non-functional, futurerestore and try again.

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