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February 26, 2018

[Tutorial] Download/Install Flex 3 Beta Tweak For iOS 11-11.1.2

So Flex is an old school tweak many in the community have been using for many years. After Ryan Petrich updated RocketBootstrap for iOS 11 we can now get Flex working.

Follow the guide below if you would like to install this on your device.

Note that in this guide I will show you the tweak installer method that requires a windows computer. Some others have tried the manual SSH installs but I didn't have any luck with that.

Step 1: Download the RocketBootstrap deb HERE!
Step 2: Download the Flex app HERE!
Step 3: Download the tweak installer HERE!
Step 4: Open up the tweak installer and enter your device IP address (this can be located in the settings app > Wifi > Click the i
Step 5: Enter your password (this will be alpine by default)
Step 6: Click the select deb button and select the RocketBootstrap file previously downloaded. This will then automatically install the tweak.
Step 7: Select the Flex deb and repeat the process.
Step 8: Copy from /var/mobile/Library/Flex3 to /Applications
Step 9: Run UICache on the tweak installer one last time.
Step 10: Open Flex app on home screen and enjoy!

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